Cover My Cargo is a strategic partner of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, providing exclusive benefits and discounted rates for cargo insurance for members.

Providing secure, instant and high quality cargo cover both domestically and globally, at incredibly competitive premiums, Cover My Cargo is an exclusive insurance offering for goods owners and logistics providers who are members of Greater Manchester Chamber. Member benefits include discounted rates, enhanced policy wording, reduced excesses and free certificate issuance.

Cover My Cargo is quick and easy to use and reduces the time, effort and cost of obtaining cargo insurance. Cover your goods, or your customers’ goods, in under 30 seconds, pay either on account or by credit card and obtain your documents instantly.

Cover My Cargo is provided by A&B Insurance Brokers, Marine insurance specialists with over 25 years experience. A&B Insurance is more than just online cargo insurance - at the core of our business is a focus on customer service and a risk management process that helps you to identify, quantify and cover every risk that can affect your business. Using specially developed software, we review every aspect of your business with you, highlight and assess the risks that exist and advise you how to deal with them. We will then help you to maintain insurance cover through our programme of regular review meetings. For more details visit